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1 year ago

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one of the nice days we've had in the summer, I went to my apartment when rejecting a 3rat woman in her car has always something back to me, I would have taken a good look at her tanned legs to knee , wearing summer sandals that her legs were in good shape. I was thrilled at the apartment waiting for the elevator in the next moment the door opened, to my surprise, was about 60ish but it looked sooo sexy, I started feeling an awakening, smiled, said something about never lifts before, I asked if she had just moved, because I saw was not amused by 3rat just visiting a friend i dont no why, but said he let go, I had someone as sexy as you want to see me, or it may so away, but I threw a big smile thanked him, never asked his fate now, what i lived at, I said 69 ( true) everyones favorite number she just smiled and said you never know, now we come to lift the floor, as she stood up, I said forget the current 69, smiled, how could I?. I have to admit that my apartment, stripped in bed with a straw thought a sexy slow most was, I did not abuot 10 minutes after you stop wearing shorts, shirt, which was about when the door of my Pottering i rang to find the door open, stood up and looked very excited, said the invitation still stands, opened the door but it was my friend who said he can not understand that remain usually spend one couple of hours, but I do, what my mind said, so 3rat I said I'd be somewhere, I said, I 'm glad you came, out of breath just said, we both know why here, yes? I said nothing I slid my shorts down each time my 3rat cock hardening his breath 3rat getting shorter, you just say, Oh my God extends created to take advantage if started as a baton to masturbate slowly and sighed oh forever pressed my cock while I pulled the belts pert of her summer dress from the shoulders to the tits small tits, however, shown that I saw, but the longest iv ever larger nipples, I dropped my head, took one into my mouth while my hand caressed Tweek the other, an involuntary breath, put his hand on the back of my head 3rat to stay on her tits, I pulled her dress down past her hips on the floor he fell, he was in little white slip sandals (not a chain shit, whatever), 3rat while still sucking her nipples i slipt my hand to see his pants, I was absolutely soaked my fingers her clit she let out a shuddering breath more. I took off the shirt into the bedroom she lay on the bed, my hand slipped into the waistband of his pants after that magical moment when a woman raises her ass out of bed, so you can show a hill panties hairy (rare these days in most women shave ), she had big lips and blew the hair glissening their juices, I lowered my head began toSlowly lick her slit, all the time her breathing became faster and faster until they no longer retain a barrage could come with him no time to feed me I got down between the legs of my 3rat cock in it, as I said to keep 3rat out of the pumped head hanging side by side with extended eyes rolled in his head, holding arms out of bed, I build, even asked him where he wanted to feel, she kept saying "inside inside inside cum "with that picture of what it felt like a gallon of milk in her pussy inviting. We like it, she said her husband hadnt done anything, they are around, prefers to play golf, so now comes arond every week if she's visiting her friend, so we can play.
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